Telephone standards

Every incoming call is the potential client, that’s why it is very important to train your staff how to answer correctly. For that purpose, majority of the companies are now implementing telephone standards and writing scripts to maintain constantly high level of service regardless who picked up the phone. This knowledge will be useful not only for sales managers, but for employees of other departments are communicated with the clients.

There are few golden rules on how to answer incoming call:

  1. Phone should be picked up not later than 3 rings, do not make the client wait longer.
  2. The person, that is receiving the call shall seat or stand straight and have a smile on the face. His mood is directly transmitted to the caller though his voice.
  3. Voice intonation shall be friendly and welcoming, even if you have 100 calls per day.
  4. Pace of the conversation shall be medium, not very slow, not very fast. Ideally, it is always better to adjust to the intonation and pace of the caller. Subconsciously this approach will help you to client’s positive vibes towards you.
  5. It is necessary to implement standard greeting for all the employees of the company. For example: “Good morning (afternoon/evening), this is Company A, Anna is speaking, how can I help you?”
  6. Always check the caller’s name, so later you can address by the name him/her 3 times during conversation. This gives feeling of individual approach and importance to the client.
  7. Carefully listen to what the client is saying, using technique of active listening, ask clarifying questions, if something is not clear.
  8. Answer the caller’s questions clearly, concisely and fascinatingly.  It is very important to present your service or goods in a way, that client immediately wants to buy it.
  9. Be proactive and do not wait, when the client will call back, offer to book the service or buy the product straight away.
  10. If you were asked to transfer the call to other person, ask the client to wait on the line, then call to your colleague, briefly describe the situation and give the name of the caller. It is important to do, so the client does not have to explain the problem once again.
  11. If client has booked a service with you, don’t forget to take his contact information: e-mail or phone, so you can remind him about the booking or contact in case of force major situation.
  12. Sincerely thank client for the call and use standard good-buy phrase: “Thank you for contacting us. We wish you a nice day. Good buy”.

These are the main rules of how to answer incoming calls. Contact us, if you are interested in individual telephone scripts for your company or training of the staff for incoming calls, techniques of “cold calls”, telemarketing and active sales. 5 stars training will gladly help you! Wish you pleasant telephone conversations and result oriented sales!