Business courses

Business courses

  • Business Etiquette and communication with different nationalities and cultures

    In the modern global world, when there is no more borders and limitations we are constantly doing business and communicating with representatives of different cultures and customs.

  • Highly productive sales and development of the VIP customer relations in service industries

    Trainer: Elena Drozd Category: Business Course description: Increasing the top-line (revenue) is the main purpose of any business and sales plays the key role in it. It is commonly known that profit level drops as soon as a sales team starts working inefficiently. This course will teach you how to motivate yourself and the team, [...]
  • Leadership and management of productive sales team

    Course description: Leader can be defined as the person, who is leading and motivating the team, taking responsibility and reaching the pre-established goals. An individual can and must develop all these qualities in his/her-self.  Our training will help you to understand and discover your own potential, teach you how to structure and turn your wishes [...]
  • Managing business pages is social media

    Trainer: Elena Drozd

    Category: Business

    Course description:

    Did you know that 70% of internet advertisement is controlled by 2 companies: Google and Facebook? Sales of goods and services through social media are dramatically increasing day after day. You can’t stay away from it during this global time of change. Take the course “Managing business pages in social media” and learn how to create and manage business pages on Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, Pinterest, TripAdvisor, analyze statistics and competition, write interesting content, create events, quizzes, stories, increase your audience size and use paid advertisement productively.  This knowledge will help you promote your brand and make your business more successful.

    Targeted audience for this course:

    This course is developed for everyone who wants to promote their business on the Internet, increase their audience and sales in social media. Main industries: on-line shops of various specializations.

    Main sections:

    • Scale of growth and influence of social media
    • Types of social media and their features
    • New tendencies and approaches
    • Analysis of statistical data – right way to success
    • What is important in content writing
    • How to do calendar of posts
    • Methods of increasing the audience
    • Detailed techniques of main social media networks: Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, Pinterest, TripAdvisor
    • How to use paid advertisement correctly

    Duration of the course:

    3-4 hours depending on the client’s requirements and content of the course

  • Successful negotiations in sales and techniques of handling objections and complains

    Course description: Every person has to negotiate and find an agreement in his or hers professional and personal life. It’s common to believe that this skill is congenital, but this is not true! Art of conversation and conviction can be learned by anyone. We will teach you and your team negotiation techniques, different ways of [...]
  • WOW Service

    Do you remember the moment, when you experienced service  at its  highest level and you just unintentionally said WOW!