Consulting services

  1. “Mystery guest”

We are providing this unique service for hotels and restaurants owners and managers. Our hospitality industry specialist will visit your place as a guest, he/she will record all conversations with the staff, take pictures in the room and public zones, evaluate the service from the guest’s point of view and provide you with detailed report and further recommendations and guidelines on how to improve the situation. Such mystery guests check is done by all international chain hotels at least every 6 months to keep the staff always alert and to maintain a consistent high level of service. Results of our mystery guest check will remain strictly confidential and will be presented only to our customer.

  1. Sales and marketing plan development for restaurant and hotel and staff training

We will prepare a detailed market and competitive analysis as well as develop strategic sales plan for your hotel or restaurant. We offer productive marketing strategies and promote your brand and business. Additionally, we are conducting specialized trainings for hotel and restaurant staff.

  1. Managing business social media pages

We offer professional management of your business pages in social media, in such a way to increase your audience and followers, attract your targeted audience and develop quality content and photos, creating events, stories, competitions, collaboration with partners, establish calendar of posts and statistical analysis and competition review.