8 steps to resolve conflict situations with guests

If you work in the field of hospitality and service, sometimes there may be conflict situations or complaints from guests and clients. In such cases it is important to react correctly and on time to improve the situation. If the guest complains, he/she gives you a second and, and perhaps, the last chance. The situation may be worse if he/she does not inform his discontent and will leave and never return to you, and besides, he/she will tell the friends and acquaintances about negative experience.

Statistics argue that 95% of customers whose complaints have been considered and taken appropriate actions to correct them, are coming back.

To achieve a winning solution to the conflict for the client and for the company, follow 8 basic rules:

  1. Listen to the problem and allow the client to speak without interrupting it:

If you justify or interrupt, this will prevent you from understanding why the guest or client is upset. Often the guest will tell you not only about the problem, but also about how he wants you to solve it.

  1. Ask clarifying questions and give the client feeling that you are worried for him/her:

After the guest finishes his story, you need to find out the details to better deal with the situation. Give the client a feeling that you understand his discontent.

  1. Put yourself in the client’s place:

Knowing what you already know, try to understand why the guest is unhappy. Only by putting yourself in his/her place, you can fully understand the problem on his/her part.

  1. Apologize, but do not blame your colleagues and do not make excuses:

Very often this step is forgotten, although it is one of the most important. Just sincerely say: “I apologize for any inconvenience caused to you.” Do not justify yourself and your colleagues and do not blame anyone.

  1. Ask the client “What can we do to help solve this situation?”:

Often the guest simply wants to complain and hear an apology in response, the conflict can be resolved, sometimes he wants something more to compensate for his inconvenience. Ask him/her “What can we do to help solve this situation?”, then it will be easier for you to understand what he/she really wants.

  1. Quickly solve the problem or find out who will do it and inform the client about the work done:

You need quickly decide whether you need to conduct an investigation to resolve this situation. If necessary, collect colleagues for an internal meeting and return to the guest with a presentation of all known facts and a specific solution to the problem. Do not forget to give the client some additional bonus from your side. It can be a free cup of coffee, a visit to the spa, a bottle of wine, etc. depending on the seriousness of the situation.

  1. Write in the client’s profile about this situation:

After solving the conflict, do not forget to write down information about the incident in the guest’s profile to avoid repeating it in the future.

  1. Learn a lesson and take action for the future so that this complain does not happen again:

If there were guilty people in what happened to the guest, or there are some processes in the operation of the hotel that you need to fix, do not postpone the resolution and take appropriate measures, conduct staff training, if necessary.

Remember that any complaint or problem is an opportunity to improve the service in your company!

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